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Could someone tell me whether switching from Data Analyst job to Data Scientist is easy or hard?

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Data Scientists usually start working as Data Analysts in their initial years. Besides, a Data Science role is not an entry-level job. Data Analysts need to go through job changes or internal promotions. 

 Data Analysts who want to pursue a Data Science role should:

  • Connecting with the right group of people who are experienced in Data Science and can guide them 

  • Apply their Data Science skills in their current role with the already available data in the organization

  • Go through the Data Science fundamentals like model building and handling diverse projects alongside experienced colleagues

  • Acquire proficiency in the required skills 

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of Data Science 

You can start by learning about:

  • Non-relational and relational databases: MongoDB and MySQL

  • Programming languages: Python or R

  • Machine Learning models: Neural Networks and Regression

  • Data visualization tools: Tableau, D3, GraphX, etc.

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