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I am seeking for a C++ speech recognition/voice recognition API. I have gone through a few, including VOCE and pocketphenix. However, this is my requirement

  1. Text to speech

  2. Speech to text (voice commands - I am planning to convert voice into the string and check whether it is a command)

  3. Identify my voice (not mandatory)

VOCE API seems not to provide what I am asking for, and pocketphenix seems extremely complex. The API will be used with QT - the latest version which works with Visual Studio 2010 compiler.

I have heard there is an API provided by Microsoft, but I am willing to stay away from Microsoft APIs as much as possible.

I am using MS Windows 7 ultimate, so it is enough if the API works with windows.

The API should be free and better if opensource because I will be using this in my Final Year project at university.

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Speech recognition is the ability to understand the pattern of audio input and then determine what it was and executing a function for that understanding. These speech technologies are very broad and cannot be easily written in one or two projects. Microsoft and other similar companies have invested a lot of time in Speech Recognition technologies. 

You can use them and write your application on top of it. you can refer the following link where you can find exciting projects about speech recognition:

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