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I want to know:

1) Scope of data science career in India

2) Companies that hire data science people

3) Salary of data science professionals

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Let’s check out all the parameters step by step, So first let’s have a look at :

  • Scope of Data Scientists in India:

As the field of data is growing at an enormous pace, it has created a large space and opportunities for professions related to data. Forbes claims that the Data Engineer and Data Scientist jobs are emerging as top-ranking around the world. Harvard stated that Data Scientist jobs are the sexiest jobs of the 21st century.

The scope of data scientists in India is in a growing phase, and the most demanding region for data scientists is Western Countries Like the USA, UK, and Norway as these countries provide data center facilities for nearly every tech giant that you name it.

  • Top companies for a career as a Data Scientist:

Companies such as Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, S&P Global, Schneider, Moody’s, Amazon, etc. are interested in hiring Data Science professionals for good pay. 

  • Salary of a Data Scientist:


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