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What is the difference between SQL, PL-SQL, and T-SQL?

Can anyone explain what the differences between these three are, and provide scenarios where each would be relevantly used?

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Differences between SQL, T-SQL, and PL-SQL are as follows:


• SQL is abbreviated as Standard Query Language.

• It has been adopted by ANSI.

• This is used by many RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) vendors.

• Both T-SQL and PL-SQL are nothing but the extensions of SQL.


• T-SQL is abbreviated as Transact-Structured Query Language. 

• This is Microsoft’s product.

• This works well with Microsoft SQL Server.

• T-SQL offers the degree of control for how an application works.


• PL-SQL is abbreviated as Procedural Language-Structured Query Language.

• This is Oracle’s Product.

• This works well with the Oracle database server.

• PL-SQL integrates well with the SQL.

• PL-SQL is designed to extend SQL's abilities while it can be integrated well with SQL. Different features like local variables and string/data processing are added which makes the language Turing-complete.

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