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Could someone tell me how do HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together?

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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the major Font-end languages that are used by a Front-End Developer in developing fully functional websites that portray user-friendliness and high interactivity. These three languages work in harmony to give you the best user experience on a website. HTML is a markup language that is designed to render a definite structure to the website like headings, subheadings, etc. CSS is used to give a stylized touch to the boring static website to make it attractive with neat layouts and color schemes. On the other hand, JavaScript is used by web developers to give the static website, a range of functionalities to make it more functional and attractive and responds to the user’s action.

These three languages could be better understood by an example of a cake, with three layers. If you wish to get trained and skilled in these languages and more, then enroll in the MEAN-Stack course from Intellipaat, which offers you dedicated instructor-led training and guided projects and exercises to help you gain the required practical skills. If you are just starting out in web development, then I would recommend you to watch our basic YouTube video on the Difference Between HTML and JavaScript.

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