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I'm new to learning Unicode, and not sure how much I have to learn based on my ASCII background, but I'm reading the C# spec on rules for identifiers to determine what chars are permitted within Azure Table (which is directly based on the C# spec).

Where can I find a list of Unicode characters that fall into these categories:

  • letter-character: A Unicode character of classes Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, Lo, or Nl
  • combining-character: A Unicode character of classes Mn or Mc
  • decimal-digit-character: A Unicode character of the class Nd
  • connecting-character: A Unicode character of the class Pc
  • formatting-character: A Unicode character of the class Cf

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You can retrieve this information in an automated fashion from the official Unicode data file, UnicodeData.txt, which is published here:

This is a file with semicolon-separated values in each line. The third column tells you the character class of each character.

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The benefit of this is that you can get the character name for each character, so you have a better idea of what it is than by just looking at the character itself.

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