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I have a sample code look like this:

function HubiiCrowdsale(address _teamMultisig, uint _start, uint _end) Crowdsale(_teamMultisig, _start, _end, hubii_minimum_funding) public {
      PricingStrategy p_strategy = new FlatPricing(token_in_wei);
      CeilingStrategy c_strategy = new FixedCeiling(chunked_multiple, limit_per_address);
      FinalizeAgent f_agent = new BonusFinalizeAgent(this, bonus_base_points, _teamMultisig);
      // Testing values
      token = new CrowdsaleToken(token_name, token_symbol, token_initial_supply, token_decimals, _teamMultisig, token_mintable);
      token.setMintAgent(address(this), true);
      token.setMintAgent(address(f_agent), true);

it just needs me to pass (address _teamMultisig, uint _start, uint _end) three arguments into the create button to create the contract, I have tried

"0xca35b7d915458ef540ade6068dfe2f44e8fa733c" 1234 1235

gives error:

creation of browser/ballot.sol:HubiiCrowdsale errored: Error encoding arguments: SyntaxError: Unexpected number in JSON at position 46



gives error: 

creation of browser/ballot.sol:HubiiCrowdsale errored: Error encoding arguments: Error: Argument is not a number

What is the correct way to pass argument here?

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Try this. This will eliminate the errors: 

"0xca35b7d915458ef540ade6068dfe2f44e8fa733c", 1234, 1235

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