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How the scaling works on the Azure Functions? When it is in relation with output stream to Document DB.

As I got a message from azure that says "Exceeded maximum allocated throughput limit". With the lowest level of azure functions is lacking behind 100-200 actual documents that are inserted in Document DB.

Even after scaling up I can see the same 100-200 documents that are delayed in storing, But reaching the function to max then I can see all the documents are storing into Document DB. At the same time, if I use the drop the Document DB then the same scenario repeats.

Any insights on this would be helpful.

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Here in this scenario, it will give you 429 on retrying. This will continue until it reaches the maximum throughput. After some time then eventually these requests will come up.

Refer to the Azure SDK code that will help you to explore more.

Refer to the below tutorial on Azure Training for more details.

In the current version of Cosmos DB bindings, there are no 429 retires at all. For more details, refer to the official documentation.

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