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Hi, I am started to learning the Azure data lake and azure machine learning, I need to use the Azure data lake storage as an Azure machine learning studio input data. There have any options are there, I have gone through the Azure data lake and machine learning documentation but I can't reach that, finally I got one solution on this link but they are mentioning there is no option for it,but this post is old one, so might be the Microsoft people added the future on it if it's please let me know, let me know Thank you

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Try the below steps: 

  • Get a tenant ID, client ID, and client secret for your ADLS using the tutorial here.
  • Install the azure-datalake-store Python package on AML Studio by attaching it as a Script Bundle to an Execute Python Script module.
  • In the Execute Python Script module, import the azure-datalake-store package and connect to the ADLS with your tenant ID, client ID, and client secret.
  • Download the data you need from ADLS and convert it into a dataframe within the Python Script module; return that dataframe to make the data available in the rest of AML Studio.

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