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I am pretty new to the Developement community and specifically to DevOps practices, as a part of the project we are trying to integrate SonarQube with Gitlab, did some R& D on SonarQube and Git CI ( Continuous Integration ) and look like the plugin is released for Github and SonarQube whereas not for Gitlab.

How realistic is it to configure GitLab with SonarQube for inspecting code quality for every pull request and what will be the best practice to integrate these two pieces.


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In .gitlab-ci.yml make changes as per the code 


- build 


  image: maven

  stage: build



    - target/*.jar


  - mvn package sonar:sonar 


  - master

This will help for the java project if you required to see the plugins go through

These are the sonar Qube plugins through which you can easily integrate into gitlab.

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