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I want to automate a process in web application using UIPath. There is a checkbox that needs to be checked every time I want to generate a report. I was trying to automate using "click" in UI automation. There is no issue in the first process. However, the checkbox doesn't reset to "uncheck" after the first process is done. So the next time I run the process again, the checkbox gets clicked again into the "uncheck" condition.

I want to create an automation to check if the checkbox state is "checked" or "uncheck". If the state is "checked", then I want to skip the click checkbox process.

What is the ideal way to do this? I imagine using workflow flow decisions. But if anybody can elaborate which function I need to use. It would be a great help!

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The simplest way is UiPath activity Check. You can find it in Ui Automation > Element > Control. Look for the property Action and in your case choose to check (default). This won't check the checkbox if its already checked.

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