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Used JIRA for a long time and have moved to Visual Studio Team Services.

How do you close the existing sprint and start the next ..the dates ending does not automatically roll it forward to the next

We are using SCRUM

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TFS can be very confusing when it comes to sprint ends.

I have found that the best way to make it work is to ensure that you have several sprints configured, with the end date of one being followed the day after by the start date of the next.

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If there is a gap between the sprint dates then the previous sprint stays 'current' up until the day on which the next sprint starts.

So something like this:

Sprint 1: 8th June - 21st June

Sprint 2: 22nd June - 5th July

Sprint 3: 6th July - 19th July

Note that there is no manual way to close a sprint. You have to do it with the dates.

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