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I have the following simple setup in Azure ML. ML setupBasically, the Reader is a SQL query to a DB which returns a vector called Pdelta, which is then passed to the R script for further processing and the results are then returned back to the web service. The DB query is simple (SELECT Pdelta FROM ... )and it works fine. I have set the DB query as a web service parameter as well.

Everything seems to work fine, but at the end when I publish it as a web service and test it, it somehow asks for an additional input parameter. The additional parameter gets called PDELTA.enter image description here

I am wondering why is this happening, what is it that I am overlooking? I would like to make this web service ask for only one parameter - the SQL query (Delta Query) which would then deliver the Pdeltas.

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You can delete the web service input block and publish the web service without it. In that way, the Pdelta input will be passed in only from the Reader module. 

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