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Sorry for this essential inquiry yet my searches on this are not turning up something besides how to get a dictionary's key dependent on its value which I would not really like to use as I just need the content/name of the key and am concerned that looking by value may wind up returning at least 2 keys if the dictionary has plenty of entries... what I am attempting to do is this:


for current in mydictionary:

   result = mydictionary.(some_function_to_get_key_name)[current]

   print result


The explanation behind this is that I am printing these out to a document and I need to utilize the key name and the value in doing this 

I've seen the technique underneath however this appears to simply return the key's value

get(key[, default])

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You need to iterate over keys with:

for key in mydictionary:

   print "key: %s , value: %s" % (key, mydictionary[key])

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