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I want to load the caret library in Azure ML. This works when R version is set to be CRAN R 3.1.0, but on Microsoft R Open 3.2.2 won't work. I must use R Open version because of the other packages that I'm using in my project, which are not supported in that earlier version 3.1.0. Therefore, the question is how to load this library on ML Azure using Microsoft R Open 3.2.2?


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Seems like the version of the caret package you have used, requires ann  R version >3.1.2. So, I suggest you to use an older version of the package: the caret binary from this 3.1 archive (6.0-68) worked for me. I used these statements to load the package:

install.packages("src/", lib=".", repos= NULL, verbose=TRUE)

library("caret", lib.loc=".", verbose=TRUE)

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