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Could someone tell me what specific technical skills do Business Analysts need?

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Business Analysts are in high demand and even higher demand for skilled Business Analysts. So, what exactly are the skills that companies are looking for in a BA candidate. Let’s find out:

  • Analytical thinking, and problem-solving attitude.
  • Good communication skills, both written as well as oral. Along with sound interpersonal skills.
  • Being goal-oriented, and capable to produce results with high accuracy.
  • Organizational and management skills.
  • Domain knowledge of business structure.

And Stakeholder analysis, are some of the major skillsets that are required from a qualified Business Analyst. If you are searching for good Business Analyst course online, then check out Intellipaat’s courses, as it offers you industry-grade training and projects that will help you in enhancing your job prospects. Watch the following video on Business Analyst training.

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