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I work on a dataframe with two column, mvv and count.

| 1 |  5  |
| 2 |  9  |
| 3 |  3  |
| 4 |  1  |

i would like to obtain two list containing mvv values and count value. Something like

mvv = [1,2,3,4]
count = [5,9,3,1]

So, I tried the following code: The first line should return a python list of row. I wanted to see the first value:

mvv_list ='mvv').collect()
firstvalue = mvv_list[0].getInt(0)

But I get an error message with the second line:

AttributeError: getInt

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Look, the problem in your approach is that first you are trying to get integer from a Row Type, the output of your collect is like this:

>>> mvv_list ='mvv').collect()

>>> mvv_list[0]

Out: Row(mvv=1)

Instead if you take something like this:

>>> firstvalue = mvv_list[0].mvv

Out: 1

You will get the mvv value.

Now, in order to get all the information of the array do:

>>> mvv_array = [int(row.mvv) for row in mvv_list.collect()]

>>> mvv_array

Out: [1,2,3,4]

But if you try the same for the other column:

>>> mvv_count = [int(row.count) for row in mvv_list.collect()]

You get an error:

Out: TypeError: int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'builtin_function_or_method'

This happens because count is a built-in method and the column has the same name as count. A workaround to do this without getting an error for the other column is change the column name of count to _count:

>>> mvv_list = mvv_list.selectExpr("mvv as mvv", "count as _count")

>>> mvv_count = [int(row._count) for row in mvv_list.collect()]

But this workaround is not needed, as you can access the column using the dictionary syntax:

>>> mvv_array = [int(row['mvv']) for row in mvv_list.collect()]

>>> mvv_count = [int(row['count']) for row in mvv_list.collect()]

This will work finely without any error.

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