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I am aiming to create a website that requires user to login, upload documents and sign them using blockchain (single sign or multiple signs) just like signatura or blocksign.

I have seen both of the websites and have a little bit idea how they work. But it's the technical picture that I am not getting.

So as an intermediate python develop, I have some question. Please answer.

  1. Overall flow from after uploading a document to my website before downloading if successfully signed by all parties (Technically).

  2. How to generate private and public keys and Will I store them alongside user information?

  3. How to interact to blockchain api. I already gone through the api but nothing make sense to me.

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The only reason why document storage is not advised on the blockchain is that when documents are stored in a blockchain network performance is significantly hampered and so is scalability. So what you can do is store your documents in a decentralized distributed file system such as IPFS and pass the reference to blockchain networks. In blockchain platforms like Ethereum, you can design and develop multi-signature wallets with the required consensus algorithm. Further, you can also invoke smart contracts using which you can operate around documents comprehensively.

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