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I did a small POC on blockchain using Hyperledger Composer and deployed a BNA file created using Hyperledger Playground on IBM Bluemix Container. The Angular sample app created by yeoman gave me an option to connect to the REST API exposed for the business network.

My question:

Is this architecture (i.e. BNA deployed on IBM bluemix container along with Nodejs app as an user-interface interacting with composer exposed REST API) being used as a standard for blockchain solutions to companies?

If No, what exactly does a blockchain solution consist of in terms of technology stack and architecture at an high level?

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You may leverage containers. When you are using the IBM cloud, make sure that you anchorage the capabilities of Kubernetes to balance the load of the REST server. Why IBM? Well, this is because IBM is doing its best to push forth its managed blockchain as a service. An admin takes care of most of the operations that pertain to it. However, problems arise when it comes to Integra Ledger. This is because the Integra Ledger uses Hyperledger Composer but Blockchain-as-a-Service has no support for CouchDB, which in turn becomes a huge issue while querying. 

To solve this problem, IBM has made a promise to come up with a set of Docker Containers that can streamline the connection to Blockchain-as-a-Service.

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