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Could someone tell me how close are we to Artificial Intelligence?

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It has made enormous progress in the last couple of years.

Back in 1997, when IBM's Deep Blue defeated the best human chess player at chess, many experts gave these statements, but AI cannot defeat a Human GO master within twenty years. It is not possible.

AI defeated the world's best player in 2015. And has subsequently been beaten by an even better AI.

Nobody taught AI the entire game. Some simple rules of the game were given and many many thousands of master games to learn from by itself.

AI found its own strategies. Its recent strategy is not understood by anyone. But just that AI uses this technique to win games.

Now, AI drives cars, trains, and flies aeroplanes and what not. AI now does facial recognition faster and better than human beings. AI has learnt to identify the faces of gay males with above 80% correlation from its own. Siri, Cortana and their ilk now answer thousands of simultaneous verbal requests in dozens of different languages and thousands of different accents simultaneously. Generally they give relevant responses.

AI brings communications traffic on the internet, the telephony systems, and transport on the road traffic systems. And it’s also helping in air traffic systems too.

AI is able to do language translation in real time these days. AI can now imitate human voices and conversation so well that humans can’t tell they are talking to an AI. AI now does medical diagnosis better than most human doctors. AI’s like IBM’s Watson now read natural language text articles in multiple languages and produce answers in complex fields such as scientific research, medicine, and law. Watson acts as a paralegal research assistant and outperforms humans.

AI keeps track of every commercial flight and every airline passenger in the world. Expert systems now perform more share market and futures market trades than humans (think that’s now true - having trouble confirming that).

ERP systems such as SAP now largely run multinational enterprises. They do manufacturing requirements planning, and make recommendations concerning financing and treasury operations, capital expenditures etc. as well as paying creditors on time and managing debtors.

AI guides spacecraft. AI is incorporated in CAD / CAM to facilitate design. AI spell checks. AI writes reports. AI plays games, and in most on-line RTS games it is now necessary to dumb the AI down to stop it outperforming the human players.

It will almost certainly happen within the next three decades. 90% chance.

So Advanced Specific Intelligence AI is very much already here and General Intelligence AI will likely be here within a generation. We are nowhere close to being ready for it. That will take fifty years.

I hope you got your answer. 

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