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I'm using pyspark(Python 2.7.9/Spark 1.3.1) and have a dataframe GroupObject which I need to filter & sort in the descending order. Trying to achieve it via this piece of code.

group_by_dataframe.count().filter("`count` >= 10").sort('count', ascending=False)

But it throws the following error.

sort() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ascending'

3 Answers

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In PySpark 1.3 ascending parameter is not accepted by sort method. You can use desc method instead:

from pyspark.sql.functions import col



    .filter("`count` >= 10")


or desc function:

from pyspark.sql.functions import desc



    .filter("`count` >= 10")


Both the above methods are valid for Spark 2.3 and greater, including Spark 2.x.

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It worked for me!
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Thanks a lot buddy worked like a charm!!
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Understood properly, nicely explained.
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This worked for me too
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Yes worked for me as well!
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You can Use orderBy:

group_by_dataframe.count().filter("`count` >= 10").orderBy('count', ascending=False)

For more information refer:

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Hi, thanks for the answer, solved my issue!!!
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Thanks, using the orderby() method is simple and worked well.
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This worked for me.
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As @chandra answered you can use groupBy and orderBy as follows:

dataFrameWay = df.groupBy("firstName").count().withColumnRenamed("count","distinct_name").sort(desc("count"))

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