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I'm somewhat befuddled in regards to a data structure in python; (),[], and {}. I'm attempting to sort a straightforward list, most likely since I can't distinguish the kind of information I am neglecting to sort it. 

My List: ['Stem', 'constitute', 'Sedge', 'Eflux', 'Whim', 'Intrigue']

My inquiry is what kind of information this is, and how to sort the words one after another in order?

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[] denotes list

() denotes a tuple

{} denotes a dictionary

You should investigate the authority Python tutorial as these are the actual rudiments of programming in Python. 

What you have is a rundown/list of strings. You can also sort it like this:

In [1]: lst = ['Stem', 'constitute', 'Sedge', 'Eflux', 'Whim', 'Intrigue']

In [2]: sorted(lst)

Out[2]: ['Eflux', 'Intrigue', 'Sedge', 'Stem', 'Whim', 'constitute']

As should be obvious, words that start with a capitalized letter get inclination over those beginning with a lowercase letter. On the off chance that you need to sort them autonomously, do this 

In [4]: sorted(lst, key=str.lower)

Out[4]: ['constitute', 'Eflux', 'Intrigue', 'Sedge', 'Stem', 'Whim']

You can likewise sort the rundown in turn around the request by doing this:

In [12]: sorted(lst, reverse=True)

Out[12]: ['constitute', 'Whim', 'Stem', 'Sedge', 'Intrigue', 'Eflux']

In [13]: sorted(lst, key=str.lower, reverse=True)

Out[13]: ['Whim', 'Stem', 'Sedge', 'Intrigue', 'Eflux', 'constitute']

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