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How to give more column conditions when joining two dataframes. For example I want to run the following :

val Lead_all = Leads.join(Utm_Master, 
    Leaddetails.columns("LeadSource","Utm_Source","Utm_Medium","Utm_Campaign") ==

I want to join only when these columns match. But above syntax is not valid as cols only takes one string. So how do I get what I want.

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In Pyspark you can simply specify each condition separately:

val Lead_all = Leads.join(Utm_Master, (Leaddetails.LeadSource == Utm_Master.LeadSource) & (Leaddetails.Utm_Source == Utm_Master.Utm_Source) & (Leaddetails.Utm_Medium == Utm_Master.Utm_Medium) & (Leaddetails.Utm_Campaign == Utm_Master.Utm_Campaign))

Just be sure to use operators and parenthesis correctly.

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