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I am new to UIPath tool. please accept my apologies if it's a poor question.

I need to click\sendKeys a web element, which is totally a dynamic element. The ID will keep change for every time when loading the page.

Login 1: <span id="x58Sn0-cnt" class="z-tab-text" uipath_custom_id="8">Update</span>

Login 2: <span id="nT9Tn0-cnt" class="z-tab-text">Update</span>

Note: Also we can't rely on class "z-tab-text" because so many other elements are sharing the same class.

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I would recommend you to use ' Wildcards'  and IDX, this is because these selectors are used to help out with dynamic attributes. Wildcards are symbols that enable you to replace zero or multiple characters in a string. These can be quite useful when dealing with dynamically-changing attributes in a selector.

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