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I am working with PowerBI and would like to show time duration in the format "hh:mm: ss".

I know how to convert duration (seconds, minutes, hours, etc.) into a string in the format "hh:mm: ss" using DAX, but is it possible to get this format as labels in a bar chart for example?

Searching on the internet it seems this is not possible, but I was not able to find a definite answer.

Below is a picture where the added red text shows the desired result (right now the red text is static and manually added).

In short: Is it possible to show time duration in the format "hh:mm:ss" in charts in PowerBI?

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  • This does not seem to be possible at the moment as that measures do not return integer or decimal values which can not be used as values in bar/line charts.

  • The best you can do is to add the measure as a tooltip.

  • So given a measure [Duration in Seconds], which returns an integer or decimal value, create a new measure:

Time is duration = TIME(0, 0, [Duration in Seconds])

  • Format this measure as Date Time > HH:mm:ss.

  • now, create your bar chart using [Duration in Seconds] as values, and add [Duration as Time] as tooltips:

  • If you need to have data labels formatted as HH:mm:ss, consider upvoting this Power BI idea.

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