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Here's the thing: I need to take a certain Java EE web app and deploy it to Amazon EC2 (which I will need to setup first) starting next month (using the AWS Free Tier Usage - hope it supports Tomcat + MySQL/PostgreSQL).

The problem: I have never ever deployed a Java EE app (not even a normal one on a dedicated hosting) nor have I setup an Amazon EC2 enviorment.

Are there any, idiot proof preferably, tutorials/how-to's/whatever on doing it from the very beginning (signing up to Amazon) till the very end (when your app is all up and running)?

I did find some tutorials on how to setup an Amazon EC2 instance, how to normally deploy a Java EE app but what I'm looking for is a single tutorial putting it all together.

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Start from the basics, create and AWS account and get familar with AWS console. Select an Ubuntu AMI and launch an instance. Install tomcat and put WAR file of your J2EE application where tomcat can see it. Configure and set firewall rule for access to port 80.

Rest you will have to keep up with continous research and you will eventually get the hang of it.

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