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Why does the ctrlid format detected by UiPath Studio differs from the documented format in their XSLT representation?

Currently I am working with UiPath to automate a few workflows.

So my question are:

Does the ctrlid of an element have any dependency on any of these parameters?

Is ctrlid of an element unique to each system?

Is ctrlid dynamic within the same jobId?

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I have tried to answer your question point by point

  • UiPath creates a selector providing some dependencies, which are not always the optimal one since some of these might change dynamically every time the application runs or other element loads. So yes the element has dependencies on these specific parameters at the time of its creation (when indicated by UiPath) but during the execution these might change, causing the selector to 'hung'
  • Some ctrlid of elements is unique to each system. The value of this attribute SHOULD be unique for each button control and a picture button control on the form.
  • In some cases, the value of ctrlid might be dynamic
  1. UiPath best practices suggest to avoid using them when building a stable selector
  2. But if you want to use them, then you need to either use wildcards to make these dynamic (try '*') or retrieve the dynamic value each time and use it within the selector setup (try '+dynamicValue+')
  3. In the end, you always need to test your selectors, through trial and error you will enhance your solution.

hope this helps

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