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Could anybody tell me the worth of doing the Data Science Certification course?

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Enrolling in a Data Science Course may seem to be not worth the money. As you might be surrounded by a huge pile of resources that claim to make you a Data Scientist within a few days. On top of these baseless claims, they offer all of these courses for free. Now you really consider this prospect, think about it. If that is the case, then why not professionals who are willing to switch careers to Data Science enroll in these free courses to make their career and we wouldn't have heard of large numbers of Data Science jobs staying vacant year after year due to a lack of qualified professionals. 

Before enrolling in any course, check out their website for official information and course curriculum. Talk to their course advisors. Look for the benefits attached like 24*7 doubt clarification, technical support, Lifetime free upgrade, access, etc. Look for the instructor's experience, job placement opportunities, etc. 

Intellipaat offers all these benefits and much more in a comprehensive package that is affordable at the same time through Data Science Masters Course. Do check out this video posted below for gaining better insights into the learning experience of learners. 

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