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I have a data factory with multiple pipelines and each pipeline has around 20 copy activities to copy azure tables between 2 storage accounts.

Each pipeline handles a snapshot of each azure table hence i want to run pipelines sequentially to avoid the risk of overwriting latest data with old data.

I know that giving first pipeline output as input to the 2nd pipeline we can achieve this. But as i have many activities in a pipeline, i am not sure which activity will complete last.

Is there anyway i can know that pipeline is completed or anyway one pipeline completed status triggers the next pipeline ?

In Activity, inputs is an array. So is it possible to give multiple inputs ? If yes all inputs will run asynchronously or one after the other ?

In the context of multiple inputs i have read about Scheduling dependency. So can an external input act as scheduling dependency or only internal dataset ?

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The “Wait on completion” tick box setting is hidden under the 'Advanced' part of the Settings tab for the Execute Pipeline activity. Just check it to get the desired result.

Note the 'Advanced' bit on the setting tab is not the same as the 'Advanced' free coding tab. See 

enter image description here

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