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Could someone tell me how to get into Data Science from a non-technical background?

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Anyone wishing to make a career in Data Science could do so if they meet the job requirements. Even if you belong to a non-technical background. Coming to your question, I would tell you to go through free resources like Data Science Blogs and other free courses that will teach you different tools. And then enroll in paid training programs that will help you master the concepts and skills needed to become a Data Science professional. 

For upskilling yourself in Data Science, I strongly recommend you Intellipaat Data Science Certification. This course starts explaining things from the very basics and goes to advance knowledge, hence even people from non-technical backgrounds can also enroll for this course and become an expert in Data Science.

Since you belong to a non-technical background, it would be a little difficult to acquire the skills needed, but with dedication, practice, and above all with the right resource, you can chart your course to the Data Science career path. Also, check out this video of a learner who enrolled in this Data Science hailing from a non-technical background and achieved a career transition to Data Analyst career path. 

See this Python Data Science Course for more information :


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