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Could someone tell me how to become a Business Analyst with no experience?

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Yes, anyone could become a Business Analyst. Even a professional from Non-IT or Non-Tech could become a Business Analyst. They need to understand the skill sets required and master them to land a job in the Business Analytics domain. I will list down several key skills that you must master to become a Business Analyst with no experience. 

  • Understand Business Processes

  • Get familiar with the domain you wish to work on

  • Learn prominent software 

  • Learn Data Analysis

  • Get familiar with all the key terms used by Business Analysts. 

  • Work on your communication and interpersonal skills

  • Hone your documentation skills 

To acquire these skills, I recommend you enroll in the Business Analyst Course from Intellipaat and watch a customer feedback video wherein the learner shares the learning experience. Watch this video to gain better insights and decide your future course of action. 

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