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Could someone tell me how to become a Salesforce Admin with no experience?

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Salesforce is an easy tool to learn and use. You can become a Salesforce Administrator or Admin even without relevant experience, provided you meet the requirements for the role in your company, as it's not easy to acquire Salesforce certification. There are several skills that a professional must possess to acquire a Salesforce Cert. Skills like data modeling skills, analytical skills, and administration skills. 

The best way to become a Salesforce Admin is to enroll in an industry-grade Salesforce Certification Course from reputed training partners like Intellipaat. This way, you will master the concepts, techniques, skills, etc., through hands-on training. You will be working on projects, and assignments and attending the practical sessions. 

I will drop a video of a customer who enrolled in this Salesforce Admin Course and achieved a career transition from his marketing role to a Salesforce Admin role. 

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