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Could someone tell me how to switch to DevOps from the Developer role?

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It's easier for professionals to switch to DevOps roles from Developer when compared to others who try to make a career switch from other domains. DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. As a developer, you might be familiar with the processes involved, and then you need to learn and understand the Operations side of things. 

I will list down the skills that you must acquire to achieve career transition from Developer to DevOps Engineer: 

Speaking of technical skills: 

  • Select a cloud and master it. It could be AWS, Azure, GCP, or any other cloud provider. 

  • Master CI/CD tools. 

  • Understand configuration deployment and automation tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet. 

  • Explore and understand the Infrastructure as a Code.

  • Must learn Testing and debugging tools like JUnit, Gremlin, Selenium, etc. 

  • Know Dashboard monitoring and alerting tools like Splunk, SumoLogic, Raygun, etc. 

  • Master container platforms like Docker, Kubernetes. 

  • Also, master Security scanning tools like SonarQube, etc. 

Other than technical skills, you must have domain-specific knowledge, project management, and soft skills like good communication and interpersonal skills, problem skills, etc. So if you wish to upskill and achieve career transition to this domain, check out DevOps Course. And for the cloud part, you can take up this AWS Course to help you master various skills and achieve career objectives. 

You can learn more and gain better insights by watching this video of a learner who made a career transition from a developer position to a Cloud DevOps Engineer position by enrolling in AWS and DevOps Course. 

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