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When constructing a new Java project in IntelliJ IDEA, the following directories and files are created:





I want to configure IntelliJ IDEA to include my yoke JARs in ./lib/*.jar to the project. What is the correct way to accomplish this in IntelliJ IDEA?

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You can solve this problem using stream and lambdaj one-liner codes:


Using Streams:

In all the events, we’ll have to define this condition as a Predicate object:

public Collection<Integer> findEvenNumbers(Collection<Integer> baseCollection) {

    Predicate<Integer> streamsPredicate = item -> item % 2 == 0;





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To import jar file in your Eclipse IDE, just follow the steps provided below.

  1. Right-click on your project
  2. Select Build Path
  3. Click on Configure Build Path
  4. Click on Libraries and select Add External JARs
  5. Select the jar file from the required folder
  6. Click and Apply and OK

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