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Is there any benefit of doing bigdata IBM certification from Intellipaat?

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Big Data is one of the trending tools in current technologies. Opportunities are vast. Master the skill with highly valued Big Data Architect Master's Course

from the Big Data pioneers in India. Intellipaat provide hands-on training and numerous projects which helps an individual to understand the concepts and perform exceptionally well in their field. You get a lifetime access to them, moreover the learner can get a benefit as these courses are regularly updated, once a new technology kicks in.  Our job assistance team will also conduct several mock interviews, help you with your resume, and other things to get you ready for your job interview.

We have many working professionals across the globe, who have benefited from this training. They have observed around 100-500% hike in their salaries after joining Intellipaat, not only this certification from IBM & Intellipaat is well recognized globally, therefore it holds much more value than one can imagine.

 Checkout this video on how Intellipaat helped our learner Venkata Pratyusha from getting a job in the USA.

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