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I am using amazon s3 bucket as the image server. And I want to use a subdomain of my site, how to address this bucket. eg: a picture is now in: "https:/ /", and I access it through this same link.

Would that it were so: / folder / img.png Is there any way I can do this? appoint a subdomain address to a bucket? I've tried the amazon route 53, as CNAME. I tried this: https:/ /

I took the test yesterday, but apparently it did not work. Someone already did something similar, and / or know how to help me?

Note: I'm using nginx. also need to configure it for subdomain?

Thank you

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Make sure that the name of the bucket matches your custom domain name and then set up that domain as the CNAME.

In your case the custom domain name is so your CNAME should look like:

You can refer to the official documentation to learn more:

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