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What are the reasons, Power BI has an edge over tableau?

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The most widely used and searched software in the business intelligence environment are Power BI and Tableau. Both of these softwares are used for visualizing, managing, and analyzing the data. Choosing between these two softwares can often be challenging for people. But Power BI has a slight advantage over Tableau in certain ways.

Here are some of the advantages over tableau:

  • Pricing - Power BI is cheaper and more affordable than Tableau for individual licences.

  • Integration Advantage - Power BI has collaborated with Microsoft which supports an inbuilt feature of Office 365 and other tools of Microsoft.

  • Data Manipulation - Power BI can manipulate data by various methods, by creating a report, fetching data through API, or using some other data modeling.

  • Data security - Power BI is funded by Microsoft and Microsoft is very serious and strict in terms of data breaching, so it keeps updating the security of the database.

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