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Can anyone tell me where can I get training and placement assistance for data science?

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Inellipaat offers the best data science masters program in collaboration with CCE IIT Madras. In this training learners get a chance to learn from the IIT faculty and industry experts. During the training you will be learning various data science concepts like artificial intelligence, machine learning, python, R, tableau, data mining, data visualization, and so on. The program comes with numerous projects and assignments which will provide you hands-on experience. Along with training Intellipaat offers placement assistance team who helps the learners in resume building and conducts several mock tests to test the ability of the learners and helps in improving their skills. Not only that it provides 3 job guarantee interviews as part of placement assistance. The knowledge gained from this training help you to crack the interviews easily. The main objective of the training is to help you to become a certified data scientist.

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