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Does big data analytics course really helpful in getting a job?

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Yes doing course definitely helps you to become a big data analyst but only when you have all the required skills. If you are really willing to pursue your career in this field then I suggest you this  Intellipaat Big Data Analytics Certification in collaboration with E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati. In this training learners get a chance to learn under the guidance of the IIT faculty and industrial experts. You will learn a variety of Big Data Analytics concepts such as Hadoop, Spark, Python, MongoDB, Data Warehousing, and more. There are many projects and assignments in the program that will give you practical experience. Along with training, Intellipaat provides a placement assistance team that assists students with resume development, conducts numerous mock tests to gauge their aptitude, and supports them in sharpening their skills. Additionally, it offers three interviews with a job guarantee as part of placement support. You will be able to ace interviews due to the skills you gain from this training. The main objective of the training is to help you to become a certified big data analyst.

Before that do check out this video on how Intellipaat helped Prerna Tiwari to shift her career from technical support domain to big data analyst field -


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