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How can I shift my career from production support analyst to a DevOps Engineer?

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Cloud computing is one of the demanding fields in the IT industry. Due to that DevOps Engineer has became lucrative career option for many. Anyone can become a DevOps Engineer irrespective of your domain if you posses required skills. Here are the list of skills one must have to become a DevOps Engineer -

  • Coding skills 

  • Know-how of Sys Admin's work

  • Experienced in handling storage and network 

  • You must know infrastructure management and compliance

  • Become proficient in Automation tools

  • Understand and gain work experience in virtualization and cloud. 

  • Learn and implement security techniques. 

  • Testing is an integral component that you must be efficient in. 

  • Must enhance soft skills like good communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving. 

If you possess all these skills and expertise, you could become a DevOps Engineer. Learn and master this technology by enrolling in AWS & DevOps Certification Course from Intellipaat. And also, watch how Prenu achieved career transition from production support analyst domain to DevOps Engineer with the help of Intellipaat trianing to gain better insights -

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