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Is it really worthful to pursue B.Tech or M.Tech in AI?

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Yes it is really worthful. Pursuing B.Tech / M.Tech degree in AI is a good choice for making your career and increasing placement opportunities as it is one of the highly scoped technologies. There are numerous institutions available in the market that are offering this technology. If you are interested in learning more about this technology I will recommend Intellipaat MTech in AI and ML in collaboration with IIT Jammu program. Grab this wonderful opportunity to learn under the guidance of IIT faculty for 2years in this online program. Graduate from IIT Jammu. Learn about various AI and ML concepts in this training while working on numerous case studies and project works. Get job assistance from IIT Jammu along with Intellipaat. Upon successful completion of training one can receive highly recognized certifications from Intellipaat and IIT Jammu. These certifications has great demand in the market. The main objective of the training is to help you to become a certified professional by providing all the required skills.

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