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After pursuing M.Tech in AL and ML can I apply for Google?

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Doing M.Tech in complex specializations like AI or Machine learning is a great choice for career and even it increases placement opportunities. Pursuing it from right place not only provide better training also provides numerous beneficial features to learners not only for Google you can apply for many more top companies if you have all the skills. If you are interested in learning it online I will recommend Intellipaat which is offering MTech in AI and ML in collaboration with IIT Jammu program. Learn this amazing program under the guidance of IIT faculty and graduate from IIT Jammu. The training you get from IIT and Intellipaat help you to crack interviews easily. Intellipaat learners work at top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bosch and many more around the world. There are many learners who successfully achieved their career goals. Sign up for this amazing program and become a skillful professional.

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