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Is DevOps and System Administrator both  roles similar?

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No they are not same. System administrators never participate in the software development process, While DevOps engineers play a more involved role, much more centered on the product’s life cycle. System administrators only involve in its design stage. 

If you compare the best career to pursue among these two I will say DevOps is the best one to go. As there are various opportunities available in this field and also salaries in this field are very high when compared to other fields. If you are looking forward to upskill your career into this field then I will recommend you Intellipaat DevOps Certification Course.

Along with that have a look at this video on how Naveen upskilled his career from System Admin to DevOps Engineer with the help of Intellipaat training -

If you want to know more about Agile methodology, you can take up the Agile Training course by intellipaat.

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