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Is it good to switch my career from BPO to Power BI? What are the courses that I can take for Power BI?

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Yes it is really worthful to switch your career from BPO to Power BI. There are various  institutions available in the market to learn this technology. But most of them failed to reach the learners requirements. Choose wisely while enrolling in any platform go for highly reputed institutions whose certification has great value in the market. For that I will suggest you to go for Intellipaat which is offering the best power bi certification course in market. This course curriculum is designed in such a way that anyone can learn it easily as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge. The knowledge gained from this training will help you to become a certified professional with all the required skills.

Before that have a look at this video on how Intellipaat helped Nagababu to switch his career from BPO to Power BI developer -



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