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How can I switch my career from QA tester domain to DevOps domain?

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It is good to hear that you are looking forward to  switch your career from QA tester to DevOps field. Right now Cloud is one of the demanding technologies due to this reason DevOps has become a lucrative career for many. If you posses the required skills then anyone can switch his career into DevOps. Here are some of the skills one must know about - 

  • Coding skills 

  • Know-how of Sys Admin's work

  • Experienced in handling storage and network 

  • You must know infrastructure management and compliance

  • Become proficient in Automation tools

  • Understand and gain work experience in virtualization and cloud. 

  • Learn and implement security techniques. 

  • Testing is an integral component that you must be efficient in. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in DevOps then I would like to suggest this DevOps Certification Training by Intelllipaat this course is specially designed in collaboration with Futureskills for everyone so anyone can learn it easily without any prior knowledge.

This training help you to learn various concepts of DevOps and to become a certified professional with all the required skills.

Along with that have a look at this video on how Intellipaat helped Kavya to switch her career from QA tester to DevOps field -

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