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Are there any free websites available so that I can learn about UI UX design?

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Yes there are plenty of free websites where you can learn about UI UX design but in free websites you can’t get more information regarding concepts. You will get just basic concepts which can be helpful up to some instance. For better understanding I would recommend you to go for instructor-led training from highly reputed institutions because those certifications has huge value in the market. For that I would like to suggest you to go for Intellipaat which is offering the best online UI UX design course in collaboration with IIT Guwahati. Grab this opportunity to learn IIT faculty. During this training you will be learning about various UI UX design concepts. Upon completion of training you will be receiving highly recognized certifications from Intellipaat and IIT Guwahati these certifications plays a crucial role in your interviews. The knowledge gained from this training help you to crack the interviews easily.

If you are really passionate about pursuing a career in UI UX design field  then Intellipaat is the right place for you.

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