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I know there's a feature in AA that can you can multiple edits the values of Keystrokes, Object Cloning, Object Properties, and Delays. 

Is there any solution on how to fix this problem? 

enter image description here

I can't afford the time to search and look for all of the lines one by one to change the values of it, especially your code line reaches around 5K+ it's really time-consuming.

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unfortunately, there is no solution for that. I even tried manually editing the .atmx file but the XML inside is encrypted.

If you work with a lot of subtasks and variables, I sometimes go for passing only a single variable between tasks - an XML string containing all the variables you need. This has the benefit of maximum versatility, as you can keep adding and removing variables from the XML without changing the run task command settings. You can even pass lists, something AA doesn't support. The drawback for this is that in each task you need to have a few overhead lines of code for variable retrieval. hope this helps

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