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What trends and technologies are now influencing full stack web development?

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The acceptance of server less computing, microservices, and containerization are some of the current trends and technologies influencing the field of full stack web development. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are becoming more popular, the use of contemporary JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, and the incorporation of AI and machine learning into web applications are other noteworthy trends. Moreover, full stack web development is increasingly using DevOps, cloud computing, and agile approaches. To remain competitive and advance in their jobs, full stack web developers must keep up with the most recent trends and technology.

In conclusion, this field is a great place to start a career. Thus, you need to have a solid understanding of this sector if you wish to start a career in it. To do this, you can watch the free full stack development video course from Intellipaat, which is packed with excellent advice from professionals in the field.

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