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I'm trying to run the following blockchain tutorial on Windows 10

Everything went fine (all npm installs, fabric tools, download fabric, start fabric, create the project archive, composer runtime install) untill I ran the following command:

composer network start --card PeerAdmin@hlfv1 --networkAdmin admin --networkAdminEnrollSecret adminpw --archiveFile [email protected] --file networkadmin.card

And had this error:

Starting business network from archive: [email protected] Business network definition: Identifier: [email protected] Description: Tuto DevWorks

× Starting business network definition. This may take a minute...

Error: Error trying to instantiate composer runtime. Error: Error: Invalid results returned ::NOT_FOUND
Command failed

My configuration is:

  • WIN 10

  • Node v8.9.1

  • npm 5.5.1

  • Docker version 17.09.0-ce, build afdb6d4

  • git version

I also tried with another bna archive and had the same issue. Thanks for your help!

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If this message occurs on the stage of instantiating the composer chaincode, you must check if a fabric channel is defined and peers have joined it.

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