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If I have to create code to trigger a queue so should I use a webjob or a function.

I've recently learnt about Azure functions and created some Azure Webjobs

There is a pricing difference between the two like no additional cost for an existing app in webjob.

From what I've learnt it looks like features of functions overlap with the feature of webjob.

Please help me out in choosing the best from the two.

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         Azure web jobs

  • Azure functions are not web jobs
  • Web jobs allow sharing of the resources of an App service plan between a Web app and a Web job.
  • Background processes can be executed as a command line executable or script.
  • Web jobs can be configured manually
  • Web jobs can be short or long running

    Azure functions
  • Azure functions are built using the Azure web jobs foundation.
  • Azure functions offer the same features as web jobs. There are some more add-ons:
  • With the Azure functions consumption plan you've to pay for only the functions which are in execution
  • The app service plan of Azure functions is a costlier option but in this, you've to pay for the reserved resources